Anna and Jason: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Top San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer (5)

The first time I shot at City Hall, I was completely shocked by how quick the ceremony was – under 3 minutes. From a photographer’s perspective, that’s not a lot of margin for error and that’s what I absolutely love about shooting here. No matter how many times you do it, that 3 minute drill will always keep you on your feet and definitely sharpens your ability to capture fleeting moments. I met Jason and Anna at a previous wedding and was very excited when they asked if I would... Read The Rest →

Alicia and Jason: Mountain Terrace Wedding

Mountain Terrace Redwood City Outdoor Wedding (10)

Alicia and Jason met while rock climbing. If there’s one certainty about their relationship, I’d put my money on trust. When you’re clinging on to a cliff face, you’d better trust that your belay partner knows what to do should you fall. How much more reassuring is it when that person happens to be the one you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. The couple celebrated their wedding day at the beautiful Mountain Terrace venue in Redwood City with perfect weather up until the last song of the... Read The Rest →

Clare and Jason: SF City Hall Wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography Portraits (36)

A lot of people say they love San Francisco, but every so often you get a stronger confirmation that you live in an awesome city. Of all the places where a couple can fly to for a wedding, Clare and Jason chose to come to SF to get married at City Hall. And why not. The building is gorgeous, the restaurant scene is a foodie’s paradise, and the weather is…well, the weather is unpredictable, but if you’ve saved up enough karma points for your wedding day, then it can be... Read The Rest →

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