Brita and Marcos Mount Sutro Forest Engagement Session

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Who says you can’t snag a girl with some touching poetry anymore? Brita and Marcos met in college on a rainy day when she wore bright pink rain boots to class and he took the opportunity to compliment her on the boots to strike up a conversation. At the end of the semester, he won her over reciting one of his favorite poems from Pablo Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets. You can’t write this stuff. We went for a hike in the Mount Sutro forest for their engagement session and captured... Read The Rest →

Anna and Jason: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

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The first time I shot at City Hall, I was completely shocked by how quick the ceremony was – under 3 minutes. From a photographer’s perspective, that’s not a lot of margin for error and that’s what I absolutely love about shooting here. No matter how many times you do it, that 3 minute drill will always keep you on your feet and definitely sharpens your ability to capture fleeting moments. I met Jason and Anna at a previous wedding and was very excited when they asked if I would... Read The Rest →

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