Lee-Ngo Presidio Family Session

San Francisco Creative Family Photography (23)

Every so often, I get to bend babies and hope they don’t cry long enough for me to take a photograph. The joys of baby photography. It’s actually pretty fun. Turns out I like kids and they like me too. My secret is if you promise them chocolates, they’ll smile for you. Works every time, but you have to negotiate beforehand or else they’ll┬ájust flash one smile and be done with it. The nice part is I get to return them to their parents at the end of the session.... Read The Rest →

Clare and Jason: SF City Hall Wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography Portraits (36)

A lot of people say they love San Francisco, but every so often you get a stronger confirmation that you live in an awesome city. Of all the places where a couple can fly to for a wedding, Clare and Jason chose to come to SF to get married at City Hall. And why not. The building is gorgeous, the restaurant scene is a foodie’s paradise, and the weather is…well, the weather is unpredictable, but if you’ve saved up enough karma points for your wedding day, then it can be... Read The Rest →

Hendrickson: Family Portraits

Cute Children Family Photography Los Angeles Portraits (7)

It’s time for the holidays and that means family photos. It’s 2011. Sears is long bankrupt, but even if it weren’t, you shouldn’t be taking your family there to get your annual portraits taken anyway. I joined the Hendricksons at their lovely home in Alhambra to take photos of the family, and even more importantly, photos of their super cute and well-behaved daughters. That morning, I asked Siri if I needed an umbrella for the day’s photoshoot and she unfortunately replied with an remorseful yes. It sounded remorseful to me.... Read The Rest →

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