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I wanted to highlight some of the amazing things that people have said about the video. I can’t post the thousands of wonderful comments, but I’ll highlight a few of them.

@kiendlam Hi Kien, we’re so impressed by your video, we’ve posted it on our Facebook page, you can check it out here ow.ly/8iN0dPanasonicAU (Twitter)

Camels and elephants at high speed=funny. – vilmer (YouTube)

This is amazing. I love the progression from day to night and the unique perspectives you gave of each of the places shown. I wish I had the courage to go off and travel like that. And the score is pretty moving too, fits very nicely. It’s inspired me (further) to want to go to Turkey and Morocco – maryortiz2011 (YouTube)

I saw this video on worldpress and it was enough to make me search you on facebook and hit the like button 🙂 – Amruta Deore (Facebook)

One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to work harder so I can travel more one day. Liked and Favorited. – iNSPODS (YouTube)

Epic video, man. Really loved it. I mean we’ve seen a million time lapse videos, but the reason this stands out is that it’s as if we (the viewers) are in the middle of it all. You shot a lot of stuff in the middle of crowds and there’s a lot of people in the shots and that makes it great. Thanks for sharing 🙂 And keep up the amazing work. – Szabolc Gergely (Vimeo)

Amazing. just amazing. Capturing all these places on tape and producing a video to share with everyone… that’s pretty boss. Not only that, but your brother also was able to produce an amazing music flow which helped us absorb the greatness of these places. Thanks. – RaymondDuhWu (YouTube)

I was going to do this video but then I took a Arrow TO the Knee!! – 22michaelango22 (YouTube)

Truly awesome video, well done to you and your brother! This is seriously infecting me with another bout of incurable wanderlust… – Edricism (Vimeo)

This is actually a timelapse of an average day in the life of Chuck Norris. – windchill1belle (YouTube)

@kiendlam Stunning! Great work. Congrats to you and your brother. – STATravel_UK (Twitter)

This video just put a huge smile on my face –> Speeding Around The World in Under 5 minutes Time Lapse http://j.mp/yGELTV by@kiendlam – exploreforayear (Twitter)

Beautiful–eye catching–really made me realize that there are so many different people and families, so many different needs, so much going on at all times of the day–how with so many gorgeous landscapes, mountains, waterfalls etc. how can we be bored???? – jstan4421 (YouTube)

Thanks very much for the great music and then there was the photography a real joy…..you are so kind to share it with us all…..Happy New Year to you and yours as well. I do not have an MP3 player but I did sit and listen…..just an old lady of nearly 70 that knows her chances of touring the world are getting slighter by the minute along with the shortage of money to do it with, so what you did is very precious to me…thank you both once again. – Yvonne (Email)

Thank you for sharing a very small, but breathtakingly beautiful part of your wonderful journey with us. Must have been very difficult to edit as I have no doubt there is so much more to see. Five minutes of my life well spent. I salute your brother too for his excellent composition and wish you both well as you continue your journey of life. – mediachick (YouTube)

Spectacular! Thanks for sharing your work! Went to your website today but it was down… I guess you’ve got a hit on your hands. 😉 – FAST Screenplay (Vimeo)

Traveling turns everyone into a time-lapse videographer: Neat RTW video by @kiendlam – CNTraveler (Twitter)

This video inspires such a longing to see more of the world in me that it physically hurts. – modestalmond (YouTube)

Great great work, worthy of a TV prime short. So epic, must watch it again. One of my favourites. – Michael Haydon (Vimeo)

@kiendlam Thanks for the intv with #CNN today. It will be on TV tonight between 1630 and 1700 EST time on CNN International. – PhilHanCNN (Twitter)

That’s really stunning, and really made my day…whilst I sit here bounding at my keyboard in the office, I was able to get away somewhere else for a few minutes! Thanks! – Richard Gallagher (Vimeo)

One of the most inspirational and beautiful things I have seen in a long long time.  Our world is a treasure that all should be able to see. I have never been out of the US.  I am wishing I could do what you get to experience. I wish this could be used for the 2012 Olympics. – Scott Childs (Email)

Brilliant video, well worth the time and effort….you have created a true piece of art that will be enjoyed by many for years to come…the world is truly an amazing place. – alanlaing (YouTube)

Beautiful –>Journey Around The World In 5 Minutes – http://bit.ly/x5aiDv via @BuzzEdition – Alyssa_Milano (Twitter)

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