SubtleSkeptics ft. Shine: Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey Cover)

I’ve shot a few videos for my brother’s music covers, but this is probably my favorite one. For this cover of Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans, SubtleSkeptics rented out a practice studio in Los Angeles, borrowed a cello and invited the talented Shine Fu (yes, that is her real name) to provide her wonderful vocals for the track. I personally think the cello really goes well with the song and I actually preferred Shine’s voice over Lana’s. Please take a moment to watch it and share it on FB, Twitter,... Read The Rest →

How To Identify A Ladyboy (or Top Travel Tips)

This is my newest travel video I created as a last minute entry for Viator’s “Win Your Dream Travel Job” contest. If you didn’t get a chance to see it a few days ago on Viator’s Facebook page, check it out now.¬†For those who have seen my “Time Is Nothing” video (, this is a glimpse of some of the adventures I had along the way during my travels around the world. One of the submission option was to create a video telling Viator and travelers about some of my... Read The Rest →

SubtleSkeptics Live Cover of “Safe and Sound”

It’s getting harder and harder for photographers to ignore the potential of video when Nikon and Canon has put the ability to shoot high quality video right into the very same DSLR cameras we use to take stills. I certainly haven’t switched over to just shooting video, but I have definitely been spending a lot of my time practicing and working and learning everything I can to put out video work that is on par with the quality I look for with my photography. I was down in Los Angeles... Read The Rest →

Show Your Love: A Valentine’s Day Short

Happy Early Valentine’s Day. I don’t normally make such a fuss about the 14th, but this year I want to share something special with everyone. Following the overwhelming response from people around the world to my little travel video (, I decided to return the love with this new Valentine’s Day video. It’s inspired by my travels, the things I heard along the way, and the idea that love is similar no matter the country you are in, how old you are, or what medium you choose to express that... Read The Rest →

Time is Nothing: Around The World Time Lapse

Time Is Nothing Around The World Time Lapse Title Screen

After 343 days of traveling across 17 countries, I had finally compiled all the footage for my little show and tell slideshow. I’m a little late in posting this on the blog, but here it is. The video is called “Time is Nothing” and the song is “Places and Faces” by my younger brother, William Lam. I’ve seen dedicated several pages on my website to the video, so there’s no need in repeating what’s been written and posted. To read about my adventure and follow the video scene by scene,... Read The Rest →

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