Cynthia and Kaku: Mountain Terrace Outdoor Wedding

Cynthia and Kaku Mountain Terrace Outdoor Wedding Photography (63)

I feel very lucky that as a wedding photographer, my batch of clients have been phenomenal people who have somehow figured out the formula to being successful in what they do, having amazing friends by their sides and finding the ease in love. When I met Cynthia and Kaku, I knew they would be fun and easy to work with and on May 26th, 2013, they proved me correct. The entire wedding party of 16 gathered at the Twirl and Dip truck in Golden Gate Park for some good old-fashioned... Read The Rest →

Alicia and Jason: Mountain Terrace Wedding

Mountain Terrace Redwood City Outdoor Wedding (10)

Alicia and Jason met while rock climbing. If there’s one certainty about their relationship, I’d put my money on trust. When you’re clinging on to a cliff face, you’d better trust that your belay partner knows what to do should you fall. How much more reassuring is it when that person happens to be the one you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. The couple celebrated their wedding day at the beautiful Mountain Terrace venue in Redwood City with perfect weather up until the last song of the... Read The Rest →

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