Sean and Kelsey: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Wedding

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This is one of my favorite weddings I’ve shot this year. Sure the couple was gorgeous, the girls rocked the entire color spectrum in their dresses, the guys pounded PBR cause it’s classy like that and everything from their invitations to the location was just plain awesome. But above all that, there was a straight up giant Tyrannosaurus Rex to boot. How many weddings have you gone to where you can have drinks under a T-Rex’s butt? Grab a beverage, sit back and take your time to browse through the... Read The Rest →

Anna and Jason: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

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The first time I shot at City Hall, I was completely shocked by how quick the ceremony was – under 3 minutes. From a photographer’s perspective, that’s not a lot of margin for error and that’s what I absolutely love about shooting here. No matter how many times you do it, that 3 minute drill will always keep you on your feet and definitely sharpens your ability to capture fleeting moments. I met Jason and Anna at a previous wedding and was very excited when they asked if I would... Read The Rest →

Tanya and Surya: Golden Gate Park Engagement Session

San Francisco Golden Gate Park Engagement Photography (28)

When Tanya and Surya first met at a friend’s party, they spent the night together…Tanya in her bed, and Surya on the couch. C’mon people, this is a PG movie. As the story would go, Tanya’s roommate had invited Surya to her party in hopes of introducing the pair. Her plan worked and the next day, the two had lunch together. The rest, as they say, is history. For their engagement session, we braved the cold and explored Golden Gate Park. Weather forecast said 73 and sunny. Actual weather was... Read The Rest →

Aine and James: Golden Gate Park Engagement Session

San Francisco Golden Gate Park Engagement Photography (10)

Happy 2012. Here’s my first engagement post of the year. It’s a little late coming due to the release of my travel video, but here we are. Over the holidays, Aine and James flew into San Francisco from New York where they had just relocated to from London. Still following? We got together the day after the Christmas and shot their engagement session in Golden Gate Park. No matter how many times I shoot there, there never seems to be a shortage of new places to explore. This time, I... Read The Rest →

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