Curry-Hwang San Mateo Family Portraits

Christmas is always a great time to get the family together for portraits, but it doesn’t mean you have to go into a studio and sit with perfect posture in your holiday sweaters (unless that’s your thing). I went out with Jamie, Sinclair and Audrey to a nearby park and captured some quality family time. I remember photographing Audrey a few months after she was born and now she’s already running around. It’s amazing how fast babies grow up.

Anna and Jason: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Top San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer (5)

The first time I shot at City Hall, I was completely shocked by how quick the ceremony was – under 3 minutes. From a photographer’s perspective, that’s not a lot of margin for error and that’s what I absolutely love about shooting here. No matter how many times you do it, that 3 minute drill will always keep you on your feet and definitely sharpens your ability to capture fleeting moments. I met Jason and Anna at a previous wedding and was very excited when they asked if I would... Read The Rest →

Ko and Yuki: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Best San Francisco City Hall Presidio Wedding Photography (18)

Weddings bring people from all over together. Some drive, others require a flight. In this case, Yuki’s family flew over from Japan to see her wed to Ko and then to enjoy a lot of meat at a Brazilian Charrascaria afterwards. I’ve eaten quite a number of delicious wedding dinners, but I can’t help but admire the simplicity in having a reception where the bride and groom doesn’t have to plan the menu, there’s something for everyone, and you can go back for seconds, and thirds — in fact, it’s... Read The Rest →

Sven and Tove: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography (3)

I met Sven and Tove approximately 15 minutes before their ceremony walking through City Hall. The immediate reaction from the couple was one of extreme relief — that their photographer who they’ve corresponded mostly with via email back in Sweden, actually showed up to shoot their wedding. As it turned out, we were just waiting for each other at opposite entrances to City Hall. I reassured them that I in fact was a real photographer and that they didn’t travel all this way from Sweden to be married without someone... Read The Rest →

Aditazz: Studio Portraits

Aditazz Corporate Studio Portraits (6)

I recently came to Aditazz’s office to do some corporate headshots for their team. Stepping in, you immediately get the sense that this is not your typical architect office, but more of a cross between the kind of space you would see at at a Google or IDEO office. I wanted to incorporate that into a separate set photos beyond the clean headshots in order to let out a bit of each team member’s personality. That and I wanted someone to pose with the remote control floating shark.

The Kids: Family Portraits

Cute Modern Los Angeles Children Photography Portraits (4)

The family this time is my own. My little brother and all my cousins. I’ve been taking photos of them since they were babies and it’s incredible how fast they’ve all grown. Kenny’s already grown a mustache at 13. It must be because I’m photographer because these kids are pretty comfortable in front of a camera. On the last day of their Thanksgiving break, I took them to the park and brought along my camera with me to capture them at play.

Curry-Hwang: Golden Gate Park Family Portraits

Golden Gate Park Family Photography Portraits San Francisco (6)

This is the 2nd half of my shoot with Jamie, Sinclair and Audrey-Mei. I chose to focus on Audrey and getting in a lot of details and close-ups in the first session, so I wanted to capture the whole family this time. We went for a stroll through Golden Gate Park and and took advantage of the falling leaves and the colors of autumn, which are just splendid. It’s this time of year that SF weather gets a bit of a break before the winter comes and laughs at me... Read The Rest →

Audrey-Mei: Baby Portraits

Cute Modern San Francisco Baby Photography (6)

I am very excited to share photographs from my first baby shoot. It felt like just last week when I shot Jamie and Sinclair’s engagement photos a few years back and now I am photographing the newest addition to their family, little Audrey-Mei. I never really saw myself as a baby person since generally they just eat, cry, sleep and poop. All the time. But with Audrey-Mei, she was such a well-behaved subject that I couldn’t stop shooting. Jamie and Sinclair looked so happy playing and holding her, which made... Read The Rest →

Steph and Garry: Wedding Portraits

Stanford Engagement Wedding Photography Portraits (2)

We took advantage of Stanford’s beautiful campus to get these wedding portraits. Maybe deep down it’s the part of me that loves food too much, but I always try to keep the wedding portraits short if it’s after the ceremony. This way, the wedding party doesn’t miss out on the cocktail hours and all the delicious little hors d’oeuvres. For this reason, whenever possible, I try to do this before the ceremony. I get everyone’s full attention since no one’s rushing to get to the specialty cocktails. Check out the... Read The Rest →

Ann and Jason: Wedding Portraits

Saddlerock Ranch Malibu Wedding Photography Sembler Residence (10)

Ann and Jason wanted to mingle with the guests and actually try some of the hors-d’oeuvres and specialty drinks they chose for the cocktail hour, so we shot their portrait sessions before the ceremony, leaving them plenty of time after the ceremony to relax before the dinner. The property around the Sembler Residence at Saddlerock Ranch was simply amazing. They have domestic and exotic animals, a giant frame literally framing the Malibu vista, a random rustic standalone door along the side of the road and a complete vineyard. We hardly... Read The Rest →

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