Tony and Suzanne: Imperial Lane Auckland Wedding

New Zealand International Documentary Whimsical Wedding Photography (40)

2014 has kicked off with a bang. Coming off an amazing wedding shoot in Sayulita, Mexico, I flew to Auckland, New Zealand to capture the special day for Tony and Suzanne. The best part about this wedding was that I met the couple while rock climbing in Argentina back in 2011. Soon after they were engaged, Tony messaged me about coming to New Zealand to shoot their wedding. How could I say no? So I didn’t. We booked the date and I was bound for the land of the Kiwis... Read The Rest →

Lee-Ngo Presidio Family Session

San Francisco Creative Family Photography (23)

Every so often, I get to bend babies and hope they don’t cry long enough for me to take a photograph. The joys of baby photography. It’s actually pretty fun. Turns out I like kids and they like me too. My secret is if you promise them chocolates, they’ll smile for you. Works every time, but you have to negotiate beforehand or else they’ll┬ájust flash one smile and be done with it. The nice part is I get to return them to their parents at the end of the session.... Read The Rest →

Curry-Hwang San Mateo Family Portraits

Christmas is always a great time to get the family together for portraits, but it doesn’t mean you have to go into a studio and sit with perfect posture in your holiday sweaters (unless that’s your thing). I went out with Jamie, Sinclair and Audrey to a nearby park and captured some quality family time. I remember photographing Audrey a few months after she was born and now she’s already running around. It’s amazing how fast babies grow up.

Brita and Marcos Mount Sutro Forest Engagement Session

Top San Francisco Engagement Photography Locations (1)

Who says you can’t snag a girl with some touching poetry anymore? Brita and Marcos met in college on a rainy day when she wore bright pink rain boots to class and he took the opportunity to compliment her on the boots to strike up a conversation. At the end of the semester, he won her over reciting one of his favorite poems from Pablo Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets. You can’t write this stuff. We went for a hike in the Mount Sutro forest for their engagement session and captured... Read The Rest →

Johnny and Sanny: Chelsea Piers Lighthouse Wedding

Top-New-York-Chelsea-Piers-Documentary-Wedding-Photographer (2)

I flew to NY to capture Johnny and Sanny’s day of celebration amongst friends. There was eating, drinking, and laughing, but more importantly, there was a lot of dancing to PSY’s Gangnam Style. Look, doing that horse dance is a bit last year…but it doesn’t make it any less fun. Who can resist? Almost excited as the girl who caught the bouquet. Can you guess why? Oppan Gangnam Style! Nice to let loose after a big day.

Eng and Jennie: Calamigos Ranch Outdoor Wedding

Malibu Calamigo Ranch Wedding Photography (58)

The first weekend of September is by far my most requested weekend for weddings. Leaves begin to change colors, the daylight hours are still long and while Summer knows its time is up, it happily welcomes Fall to take its place. As much as I’d like to say yes to all who inquire, I can only choose one and I am glad Eng and Jennie were one of the first to ask me to capture their special day. With gorgeous weather you’d expect from Malibu, the couple walked down the... Read The Rest →

Rachel and Jennifer: Marin Center For The Arts Wedding

San Francisco Marin Arts Center Wedding Photography (12)

When Rachel and Jennifer first approached me about shooting their wedding, I was a little nervous and a lot excited. I enjoy taking on new challenges and capturing my first same sex wedding in a way deserving of those who’ve overcome many barriers and obstacles to get there was one I was eager to take on. With the perfectly timed fall of Proposition 8, Rachel and Jen took their vows in front of a warm group of friends and family at the Marin Center for the Arts, an old military... Read The Rest →

Cynthia and Kaku: Mountain Terrace Outdoor Wedding

Cynthia and Kaku Mountain Terrace Outdoor Wedding Photography (63)

I feel very lucky that as a wedding photographer, my batch of clients have been phenomenal people who have somehow figured out the formula to being successful in what they do, having amazing friends by their sides and finding the ease in love. When I met Cynthia and Kaku, I knew they would be fun and easy to work with and on May 26th, 2013, they proved me correct. The entire wedding party of 16 gathered at the Twirl and Dip truck in Golden Gate Park for some good old-fashioned... Read The Rest →

Katja and Martin: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Katja and Martin San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography (8)

I’m kicking off my return from a recent around the world trip with a beautiful City Hall wedding. I never get tired of shooting here. The lighting is soft, the architecture is timeless and there’s always so much energy as a number of wedding parties wait around for their ceremony. I met Katja and Martin on the steps of City Hall along with their beautiful little girl, Juli, before heading to the Rotunda for the ceremony. Usually City Hall weddings are smaller affairs witness by just close friends or family.... Read The Rest →

Eng and Jennie: Los Angeles Engagement Session

Best Los Angeles Engagement Photographer (2)

I enjoy when I can take my clients to a place that’s both special to me and beautiful. For Eng and Jennie’s engagement session, we headed to Eaton Canyon, where I regularly hike with my family whenever I’m down in Los Angeles. I love getting to see how a couple interacts with each other before the big day. There’s an additional level of trust and comfort for both myself and my clients being able to work together in a more informal atmosphere before they walk down the aisle. With Eng... Read The Rest →

Sean and Kelsey: San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Wedding

Top San Francisco Wedding Photography Conservatory of Flowers (1)

This is one of my favorite weddings I’ve shot this year. Sure the couple was gorgeous, the girls rocked the entire color spectrum in their dresses, the guys pounded PBR cause it’s classy like that and everything from their invitations to the location was just plain awesome. But above all that, there was a straight up giant Tyrannosaurus Rex to boot. How many weddings have you gone to where you can have drinks under a T-Rex’s butt? Grab a beverage, sit back and take your time to browse through the... Read The Rest →

Rachel and Adam: Marine’s Memorial Club Wedding

Best San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography (29)

I first met up with Rachel and Adam in the Presidio where we did an engagement session with gorgeous weather. I joined up with the couple again on their big day at San Francisco’s Marine’s Memorial Club and Hotel. It was certainly an interesting day of shooting that included a Gangnam Style tribute dance, an unexpected addition to the wedding party, and a particularly interesting advice from the best man to tuck the dress shirt into the underwear to keep it well in place. You learn something new everyday. While... Read The Rest →

Anna and Jason: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Top San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer (5)

The first time I shot at City Hall, I was completely shocked by how quick the ceremony was – under 3 minutes. From a photographer’s perspective, that’s not a lot of margin for error and that’s what I absolutely love about shooting here. No matter how many times you do it, that 3 minute drill will always keep you on your feet and definitely sharpens your ability to capture fleeting moments. I met Jason and Anna at a previous wedding and was very excited when they asked if I would... Read The Rest →

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