Emer and Stefan: St. Helena Wedding

Best Napa St. Helena Wedding Photographer (55)

I’ve known Emer for years now and couldn’t be more excited to share in her big day not only as a friend, but as the photographer. Earlier this year, I shot one of her sister’s wedding (she is no. 2 of 5) and got a taste of what it was like to be part of a Sands wedding. I think I passed their litmus test because they liked me enough to invite me back for round two. The couple gathered their friends and family from all over to St. Helena... Read The Rest →

Ko and Yuki: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Best San Francisco City Hall Presidio Wedding Photography (18)

Weddings bring people from all over together. Some drive, others require a flight. In this case, Yuki’s family flew over from Japan to see her wed to Ko and then to enjoy a lot of meat at a Brazilian Charrascaria afterwards. I’ve eaten quite a number of delicious wedding dinners, but I can’t help but admire the simplicity in having a reception where the bride and groom doesn’t have to plan the menu, there’s something for everyone, and you can go back for seconds, and thirds — in fact, it’s... Read The Rest →

Sven and Tove: San Francisco City Hall Wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography (3)

I met Sven and Tove approximately 15 minutes before their ceremony walking through City Hall. The immediate reaction from the couple was one of extreme relief — that their photographer who they’ve corresponded mostly with via email back in Sweden, actually showed up to shoot their wedding. As it turned out, we were just waiting for each other at opposite entrances to City Hall. I reassured them that I in fact was a real photographer and that they didn’t travel all this way from Sweden to be married without someone... Read The Rest →

Tanya and Surya: Palmdale Estates Outdoor Wedding

Fremont Palmdale Estates Outdoor Indian Wedding (31)

I am usually a big fan of using black and white photographs in my work, but I found it incredibly difficult to do while shooting Tanya and Surya colorific wedding. The couple held their wedding at the picturesque Palmdale Estates. What makes capturing an Indian wedding so different from a Western wedding is the amount of activity, interaction and participation involved during the ceremony. With twice if not three times the running time of most ceremonies, it is elaborate and quite fast pace. Wherever you look, there is something going... Read The Rest →

Alicia and Jason: Mountain Terrace Wedding

Mountain Terrace Redwood City Outdoor Wedding (10)

Alicia and Jason met while rock climbing. If there’s one certainty about their relationship, I’d put my money on trust. When you’re clinging on to a cliff face, you’d better trust that your belay partner knows what to do should you fall. How much more reassuring is it when that person happens to be the one you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. The couple celebrated their wedding day at the beautiful Mountain Terrace venue in Redwood City with perfect weather up until the last song of the... Read The Rest →

Aditazz: Studio Portraits

Aditazz Corporate Studio Portraits (6)

I recently came to Aditazz’s office to do some corporate headshots for their team. Stepping in, you immediately get the sense that this is not your typical architect office, but more of a cross between the kind of space you would see at at a Google or IDEO office. I wanted to incorporate that into a separate set photos beyond the clean headshots in order to let out a bit of each team member’s personality. That and I wanted someone to pose with the remote control floating shark.

JR & Kara: Piedmont Outdoor Wedding

San Francisco Piedmont Community Center Wedding Photography (63)

I’m excited anytime I share new wedding photos, but I get really excited when sharing outdoor weddings. Who doesn’t love a spring or summer wedding when you have gorgeous light to work with well into the day. JR and Kara put so much attention into the details that truly made this wedding so beautiful. Everywhere you turn, you could see those little touches from the patterned hearts planted around the grounds to the origami flowers and lights that provided a delightful contrast to the tall redwoods.¬†Even from our first meeting,... Read The Rest →

SubtleSkeptics ft. Shine: Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey Cover)

I’ve shot a few videos for my brother’s music covers, but this is probably my favorite one. For this cover of Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans, SubtleSkeptics rented out a practice studio in Los Angeles, borrowed a cello and invited the talented Shine Fu (yes, that is her real name) to provide her wonderful vocals for the track. I personally think the cello really goes well with the song and I actually preferred Shine’s voice over Lana’s. Please take a moment to watch it and share it on FB, Twitter,... Read The Rest →

Tanya and Surya: Golden Gate Park Engagement Session

San Francisco Golden Gate Park Engagement Photography (28)

When Tanya and Surya first met at a friend’s party, they spent the night together…Tanya in her bed, and Surya on the couch. C’mon people, this is a PG movie. As the story would go, Tanya’s roommate had invited Surya to her party in hopes of introducing the pair. Her plan worked and the next day, the two had lunch together. The rest, as they say, is history. For their engagement session, we braved the cold and explored Golden Gate Park. Weather forecast said 73 and sunny. Actual weather was... Read The Rest →

Aine and James: University Club San Francisco Wedding

San Francisco University Club Wedding Photography (28)

I love all things Irish. Leprechauns. Guinness. Meat and Potatoes. I even know the first six lines of the country’s national anthem in Gaelic. So when Aine and James asked if I would shoot their wedding, I only had one question before saying yes: “Will you be dancing to the Dropkick Murphys?” Aine and James celebrated at the San Francisco University Club with friends and family flying in from as far as Ireland and Scotland. They themselves flew in from New York for the big day. I took a cab... Read The Rest →

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