Tanya and Surya: Palmdale Estates Outdoor Wedding

Fremont Palmdale Estates Outdoor Indian Wedding (31)

I am usually a big fan of using black and white photographs in my work, but I found it incredibly difficult to do while shooting Tanya and Surya colorific wedding. The couple held their wedding at the picturesque Palmdale Estates. What makes capturing an Indian wedding so different from a Western wedding is the amount of activity, interaction and participation involved during the ceremony. With twice if not three times the running time of most ceremonies, it is elaborate and quite fast pace. Wherever you look, there is something going... Read The Rest →

Tanya and Surya: Golden Gate Park Engagement Session

San Francisco Golden Gate Park Engagement Photography (28)

When Tanya and Surya first met at a friend’s party, they spent the night together…Tanya in her bed, and Surya on the couch. C’mon people, this is a PG movie. As the story would go, Tanya’s roommate had invited Surya to her party in hopes of introducing the pair. Her plan worked and the next day, the two had lunch together. The rest, as they say, is history. For their engagement session, we braved the cold and explored Golden Gate Park. Weather forecast said 73 and sunny. Actual weather was... Read The Rest →

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