Eng and Jennie: Los Angeles Engagement Session

Best Los Angeles Engagement Photographer (2)

I enjoy when I can take my clients to a place that’s both special to me and beautiful. For Eng and Jennie’s engagement session, we headed to Eaton Canyon, where I regularly hike with my family whenever I’m down in Los Angeles. I love getting to see how a couple interacts with each other before the big day. There’s an additional level of trust and comfort for both myself and my clients being able to work together in a more informal atmosphere before they walk down the aisle. With Eng... Read The Rest →

6AM Group DJs: Los Angeles Portraits

Los Angeles 6AM Group DJ Headshots Portraits (9)

I flew down to SoCal a few weeks back to shoot some promotional shots for three DJs from the Los Angeles based 6AM Group. I wanted to have a sense of continuity across all three guys, but also to give DJ Arhouse, DJ JIA and DJ Jared Sanders their own unique shots. I know they look pretty serious in the shots, but we had a chill time walking around Hollywood and finding some awesome backdrops for the shoot.

SubtleSkeptics Live Cover of “Safe and Sound”

It’s getting harder and harder for photographers to ignore the potential of video when Nikon and Canon has put the ability to shoot high quality video right into the very same DSLR cameras we use to take stills. I certainly haven’t switched over to just shooting video, but I have definitely been spending a lot of my time practicing and working and learning everything I can to put out video work that is on par with the quality I look for with my photography. I was down in Los Angeles... Read The Rest →

The Kids: Family Portraits

Cute Modern Los Angeles Children Photography Portraits (4)

The family this time is my own. My little brother and all my cousins. I’ve been taking photos of them since they were babies and it’s incredible how fast they’ve all grown. Kenny’s already grown a mustache at 13. It must be because I’m photographer because these kids are pretty comfortable in front of a camera. On the last day of their Thanksgiving break, I took them to the park and brought along my camera with me to capture them at play.

Hendrickson: Family Portraits

Cute Children Family Photography Los Angeles Portraits (7)

It’s time for the holidays and that means family photos. It’s 2011. Sears is long bankrupt, but even if it weren’t, you shouldn’t be taking your family there to get your annual portraits taken anyway. I joined the Hendricksons at their lovely home in Alhambra to take photos of the family, and even more importantly, photos of their super cute and well-behaved daughters. That morning, I asked Siri if I needed an umbrella for the day’s photoshoot and she unfortunately replied with an remorseful yes. It sounded remorseful to me.... Read The Rest →

Ann and Jason: Engagement Session

Los Angeles Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Wedding Engagement Photography (1)

Ann and Jason. Two friends of mine and completely awesome people who attended University with me. When I first started shooting portraits back in college, Ann was one of my first willing subjects. To this day, those photos are still some of my favorite portraits. When the opportunity came up to shoot their engagement and wedding, I jumped at it knowing these two would bring their great smile and fashion sense along with them. All I would have to do is click away. While back in LA for a couple... Read The Rest →

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