Eng and Jennie: Los Angeles Engagement Session

Best Los Angeles Engagement Photographer (2)

I enjoy when I can take my clients to a place that’s both special to me and beautiful. For Eng and Jennie’s engagement session, we headed to Eaton Canyon, where I regularly hike with my family whenever I’m down in Los Angeles. I love getting to see how a couple interacts with each other before the big day. There’s an additional level of trust and comfort for both myself and my clients being able to work together in a more informal atmosphere before they walk down the aisle. With Eng... Read The Rest →

Jamie and Sinclair: Engagement Session

Marin Headlands Engagement Photography San Francisco (3)

When Jamie and I discussed the locations for our shot, she wanted something that was iconic San Francisco but also wasn’t your typical tourist hotspot. We decided to incorporate the Golden Gate Bridge into our shoot without it being the dominant component and found the Marin Headlands to be the perfect location for that. The camera naturally loves these two with their big smiles and the fun attitude captured shot after shot.

Steph and Garry: Engagement Session

San Francisco Lands End Engagement Photography Wildflowers (14)

Steph and Garry chose two locations that had meaning to them. Garry’s old stomping grounds, the Mission District, with its vibrant murals and culture and Land’s End, where they return to several times a year. I brought a blanket along to brave the San Francisco cold, especially over at Land’s End, but to our luck, the wind was mostly absent. Bonus part of the shoot: grabbing some mid-shoot tacos in the Mission.

Alexis and Emilio: Engagement Session

Berkeley Marina East Bay Engagement Photography Pier Water (19)

It is always nice when you are introduced to a cool new location to shoot and that’s what happened when Alexis and Emilio proposed the Adventure Playground over in the East Bay for their engagement session. Before the shoot, they said it was a cool little playground that was actually built by children with real hammers and nails. Not your typical plastic schoolyard jungle gym, but one actually made from real wood, imperfect and as creative as a child’s imagination. It was too bad we only had a few moments... Read The Rest →

Stacy and Tushar: Engagement Session

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts Engagement Photography (2)

I loved my session with Stacy and Tushar. Not only were they completely in love, but after a few minutes at each location, the session was all about them. I was free to just capture the moment and and their personalities. Updated 8/2/2011: Stacy and Tushar are now married. You can view their wedding portraits and wedding photos.

Ann and Jason: Engagement Session

Los Angeles Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Wedding Engagement Photography (1)

Ann and Jason. Two friends of mine and completely awesome people who attended University with me. When I first started shooting portraits back in college, Ann was one of my first willing subjects. To this day, those photos are still some of my favorite portraits. When the opportunity came up to shoot their engagement and wedding, I jumped at it knowing these two would bring their great smile and fashion sense along with them. All I would have to do is click away. While back in LA for a couple... Read The Rest →

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